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The Goulburn AP&H Society Inc. has had an interesting and varied history, starting with a public meeting being held in the Municipal Chambers Goulburn at 4pm on the 24th March, 1880. At this meeting Mr W Davies, Esq.,MP, moved “That a society be formed under the name of Goulburn Agricultural, Pastoral and Horticultural Society.” A.F Gibson seconded the motion.

The first show was held at Dan Thorn’s in 1846 at the Old Brewery while the Argyle Agricultural Society held a ploughing competition in Bradley’s Paddock. The last recorded show of this nature was in 1869.

The rest, they say, is history...

Over the past 10 years or so, agricultural shows have become an endangered species. With the ongoing droughts, the imposts of public liability insurance, the ever increasing costs associated with infrastructure and staging of the largest community event in the Goulburn/Mulwaree area and most importantly of all attracting an ongoing competition and patron base.

Through the involvement of the Goulburn Show Society, the Short Skills Seminars and the Leisurenet Program, Goulburn AP&H Society has adopted the stance of becoming proactive and not reactive.

To this end we have embarked on a number of changes from what was the show of the last 100 years to a return to basics, offering something for everyone and a whole spectrum of entertainment, encompassing trade and industrial displays, musical entertainment, livestock unparalleled to anywhere in the region, horses and equestrian as well as the ever present side shows.

When all of this is combined with the breed dog show, wood chopping, the animal farm nursery and the poultry surely this would have to be the best value for money over a weekend!

This is not to forget the pavilion which overflows with the finest artwork, fruit, needlework, quilting, flowers, vegetables and children’s art that can possibly be amassed at one time.

Goulburn AP&H Society from its beginnings back out at Bradley's Paddock in 1857, its first formal meeting in 1880 to now has been progressive and combined with its aim of getting “Back to Basics” by providing low cost family fun and “something for everyone” will surely survive another 100 years.

Jacki Waugh